Selling a Property

Before you or a Real Estate Agent can advertise your property for sale, you must have a draft Contract for Sale available to provide to any prospective purchaser.   There are certain disclosure certificates required to be attached to the Contract.

We will order the disclosure certificates, prepare the Contract, provide a copy to your Agent and wait to hear from you when a purchaser is found.

When a purchaser for the property is found, the agent will provide us with a Sales Advice from which we will update the Contract and issue the counterpart copy to the Purchasers Conveyancer.  Once both yourself and the Purchaser have signed we will liaise with the Purchasers Conveyancer to arrange "exchange".  Exchange is when both parties becomes "legally bound" to complete the transaction.

We will then arrange settlement on your behalf, and where required request your lender prepared a Discharge of Mortgage in readiness for settlement.   Approximately one week prior to settlement we will calculate settlement figures and contact you to advise details thereof.